BUTFF Awards 2014 (12 foto's)
This years statues go to

Studenten award going out to the team making 'De getraumatiseerde Albino Broccoli' by Eileen Boeijkens, Eline Krus, Annemieke Rodenburg, Jelle van Meerendonk, Joren van Erve.

Best Short Award is for 'Split' by Andy Stewart (UK)

Best Feature Film Award 'The Miracle of Life' van Yves Sondermeier & Joel Rabijns (BE).

Life Time Achievement beter known as the BUTFF Groundbreakers award
goes to Trent Harris (VS).

Also included in this photo album the Introduction Marian Dora DVD and presentation of the first copy to Trent Harris.

There are no pictures of the best short movies award presentation as the makers where not able to attend.

To all Award winners we give or most heartfelt congratulations.


Hoofdgast Trent Harris, onafhankelijke regisseur, producent, schrijver & professor uit Salt L

The Miracle of Life

The Miracle of Life (2013)
Joël Rabijns, Yves Sondermeier, BEL, 84 min, Engels, geen subs