July 16, WORM Sneak Preview of BUTFF, the unadulterated, unique Film Festival for the real enthusiast!

Film fans want more! Stereotype big-budget films with high levels of special effects almost fade immediately. Movies at BUTFF are still wonderfully creative and of an uninhibited purity, free from any censorship. The dialogues, humor, special effects and extremities are not affected by conforming mainstream restrictions, even really solid gore is no barrier. At Worm in Rotterdam BUTFF will present what BUTFF is all about by presenting a screening of two films and a brief lecture.

Dorien Eggink & Paul Hagenaars, the founders of this unique underground festival will be present and are open to questions and interviews. Joel Rabijns, the director of the feature film 'The Miracle of Life' is also present and will introduce his work.

Preceded the films a short presentation by Festival Director Paul Hagenaars on the 'About Brains' festival theme of the 9th edition of the BUTFF.

'About Brains'...
Humanity and fellow human-like creatures, what's to come after the apocalypse, epidemics and football euphoria?! Are brains needed to survive, or can you be 'happy' without gray matter?

The Apocalypse (2013) - Short film
Four uninspired friends try to come up with a terrific idea how to spend their Saturday afternoon. Directed and written by début director Andrew Zuchero. This short received well deserved attention at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

The Miracle of Life (2013) - Feature film
The heartbreaking story of a placenta that is raised as a human, Christian and a soldier! Directed by Joel Rabijns and Yves Sondermeier. Made in Belgium, a so called 'Body horror comedy'.

Should you not be able to make it to this presentation at WORM Rotterdam, there's always the main course, the BUT Film Festival in Breda (3 -7 September). Even without digging into the film program, our festivals music & courtyard presents a strong and spectacular side program, worthwhile all in itself, as many already know. You're most welcome! 

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